Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Phyllis Schlafly calls out Title IX

So Phyllis Schlafly is out claiming that Title IX has lead to a decline in America's dominance in sports.
Feminist-imposed gender quotas hurt us at the Olympics in events which our Nation once dominated. The systematic elimination of certain men’s sports from colleges has weakened our competitiveness. We won only four medals in all of men’s wrestling, less than half the total won by Iran, and only a fraction of the medals won by Russia in this masculine sport.
 Yes, what more do you liberals need?  We were dominated by our mortal enemies in the most masculine of sports!  Isn't it obvious that ever since Title IX was passed in 1972 that our manliest of men have been in decline?  Wait... we've never dominated in Greco-Roman wrestling?  Certainly free style wrestling?  What's that?  Our victories in men's free style wrestling have been extremely variable as well and don't appear to have changed all that much since 1972 either?  Well, I guess this leaves only one real explanation doesn't it.

Feminist Policies are capable of TIME TRAVEL!

Or, barring time lords and the Wibbly Wobbly nature of space time, Schlafly is just talking out of her ass.
Wrestling develops discipline in boys. Many high-achievers, such as Donald Rumsfeld and pro-life attorney Phill Kline, developed their toughness as wrestlers.
Yes, Phill Kline is the exemplar of the virtues of men's wrestling, because it takes discipline and toughness to claim in an ethics hearing that it is okay to lie to state agencies and give false or incorrect information to judges to push forward investigations.  Well, mostly that just takes huge brass ones that you have to carry on a forklift.
Other men’s sports have also been hurt by this feminist quota, such as swimming and track. Private swimming clubs and a few aging stars like Michael Phelps filled that gap this time, but we nearly struck out in men’s track in the marquee events of 100, 200, 400 and 800 meters, events the Americans historically dominated.
Yep, men's sports.  Running and swimming are entirely for men!  Ladies, get out of the pool and off the track!  Where to even begin with this one?  First Michael Phelps is an "aging star"?  The man is 2 years younger than me, and unless 29 is the new 50, I don't think that really counts as "aging" in the way she's using it.  Two, we're not losing the track events because we suddenly got worse.  We're losing them because Usain Bolt is freaking faster than our guys.  His gold 100m time in 2008 beat the time of our gold medalist in 2004.
Title IX quotas have hurt our competitiveness in sports that are most helpful to the development of our young men.
And there's the kicker statement in all of this.  Our women apparently gain nothing from the discipline, teamwork, comradery, and toughness that sports so obviously teach the men that participate in them.  Only men gain anything from sports.  Women are apparently too "not man" to understand such noble concepts as working together and leadership.  Anything saying that schools running programs off of tax payer money have to provide the same opportunities to women as they do to men is getting in the way of men getting all the benefits and women getting nothing more than back in the kitchen.

Of course what besides this kind of doublethink do you expect from Phyllis Schlafly, a woman that made a career out of telling women how evil it is for them to try to have a career that equals a man's in the same field.

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