Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where to begin?

So I've thought for a while... I have this blog and I don't really do anything with it.  I used to rant about politics, religion, and the like on it more, but when I finally joined the hive mind that is Facebook, most of my rants moved there.  However, I've started to feel like all I do on FB is comment on politics or social issues.  So to clear that up from people's status feeds, I think I'll start blogging it again.  I can make better responses in blogs anyway, FB status posts don't let me fisk or reference link other pages.

As for a regular subject to blog about for a while, I've decided to delve into The "GMO Myths and Truths" paper that I caught sight of a few weeks back.  Quick back story on that, a friend of one of my aunt's started posting anti-GMO links, which got my aunt posting them, which got me long-windedly commenting on them, which resulted in her posting a page that linked to this paper as a counter argument ("Scientists even say they're dangerous").  It's a huge paper and what little I've read of it hasn't impressed me much.

That being said, as a skeptic, I feel like I should educate myself on this.  It's being touted as the end-all argument against GMO food production around the crowds that are against that sort of thing.  I'm not part of that crowd myself (I like to joke that I wish some brand would sell a non-organic, all GMO product so I could buy it), but neither am I part of any group that stands to financially benefit one way or the other from public opinion on the subject.  Hell, I'm not even a biologist or a geneticist, but the benefit of the information age is that I can probably find some who can explain what the hell some of this stuff means.

Damning for the paper, the way I got to it was through a few pages that were a little on the tin foil hat side of credulity.  Not to shoot the messenger or anything; I just feel like a review of it from the skeptical blogosphere needs to happen, even if it is by a dreadfully bored software engineer who's decided his boredom is enough to warrant reading the paper's 123 pages and 650 cited sources in order to make heads or tails of it.

Fun times ahead.

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